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Technology Assistance Division Resources
Business Name Phone Number Website E-Mail Comments
AbleNet University (800) 322-0956 AbleNet Website AbleNet E-Mail At AbleNet, We're Dedicated to Making a Difference in the Lives of People with Disabilities by Creating Assistive Technology Products
Accessible World See Web Form for Contact Accessible World Website See Web Form for Contact Providing Accessible Internet Resources Around the Globe
Adaptive Voice, LLC (949) 3436-7760 Adaptive Voice Website Adaptive Voice E-Mail CDesk is The Solution For Blind, Low-Vision, Seniors, Cognitive Disabilities, Educational Settings, and Computer Users
American Foundation for the Blind (212) 502-7600 American Foundation Website See Contact Form American Foundation for the Blind - Technology Resources for People with Vision Loss
American Printing House for the Blind (800) 223-1839 American Printing House Website American Printing House E-Mail American Printing House for the Blind (APH) is the World's Largest Nonprofit Organization Creating Educational, Workplace, and Independent Living Products
AppleVis See Website Form AppleVis Website See Website Form A Community Powered Website for Blind and Low Vision Users of Apple's Range of Products
Association of Blind Citizens - Assistive Technology Fund (781) 961-1023 Association of Blind Citizen's Website Association of Blind Citizen's E-Mail Provides Funds to Cover 50% of the Retail Price of Adaptive Devices or Software
Audible Site (650) 922-3544 Audible Sight Website Audible Sight E-Mail iPhone voice over Tutorial Training
Blind Bargains --- Blind Bargains Website See Website Form Deals & News for the Blind & Visually Impaired
Blind How --- BlindHow Website See Website Form Finding Answers & Sharing Knowledge Related to Any Question Regarding Blindness
Blind Mice Mega Mall --- Blind Mice Mega Mall Website See Website Form The On-Line Mall with the Blind in Mind
Bluegrass Council of the Blind (859) 259-1834 Bluegrass Council Website Bluegrass Council Email Serving People Affected by Vision Loss
Bluegrass Technology Center (859) 257-9573Bluegrass Technology Center Website Bluegrass Technology Center E-Mail "Redefining human potential for people with disAbilities"
Bookshare (650) 352-0198 Bookshare Website See Website Form Making reading accessible to people with print disabilities
Braille and Audio Reading Downloads(BARD) (800) 372-2968 BARD Website BARD E-Mail National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped Downloadable Books and Magazines
Cambium Learning Group (888) 399-1995 Cambium Learning Group Website Cambium Learning Group E-Mail Enriching Education for All Learners
Charles W. McDowell Rehabilitation Center (800) 327-5287 Charles W. McDowell Center Website See Website Form Assisting Individuals Who Are Blind and Visually Impaired in Achieving Their Educational, Vocational and Independent Living Goals
Cool Blind Tech ---- Cool Blind Tech Website See Website Form Cool Blind Tech-Latest in Assistive Tech! News, Reviews, and Interviews
Curtain University Center for Accessible Technology +61 8 9266 4540(Perth, Western Australia) Curtain University Center for Accessible Technology Website Curtain University Center for Accessible Technology E-Mail A Multi Disciplinary Research Group That Includes Members with Qualifications and Experience in Engineering, Social Sciences, Occupational Therapy and Psychology, Focusing on Assistive Technology and Rehabilitation Engineering Solutions for People with Print and/or Vision Disabilities
Drs Ditto and Musick (859) 887-2441 Drs Ditto and Musick Website See Website Form To Ensure Patients the Best Possible Vision Performance by Providing the Highest Quality Vision and Eye Health care Possible
En-Vision America (800) 890-1180 En-Vision America Website See Website Form Assistive Technology for the Blind and Low-Vision Community
Equal Access to Software Information(EASI) --- Equal Access to Software Information Website Equal Access to Software Information E-Mail A Nonprofit Organization, Committed to the Belief That Students and Professionals with Disabilities Have the Same Right to Access Information Technology as Everyone Else
Fedora Outlier LLC (888) 958-6979 Fedora Outlier LLC Website Fedora Outlier Email Top Down, Better Than Excellent Assistive Technology Consulting Teaching and Support
Freedom Scientific (800) 444-4443 Freedom Scientific Website See Website Form Products for Low Vision, Blindness, and Learning Disabilities
GW Micro (260) 489-3671 GW Micro Website GW Micro E-Mail A Trusted Pioneer in the Adaptive Technology Industry, and Continues to Lead with Innovative, Customer Driven Solutions
Larry Herring Perkins Braille Repair Services (252) 977-3716 Larry's Email Perkins Braille Writer Repair Services
HIMS Inc (888) 520-4467 HIMS Inc Website HIMS Inc E-Mail Assistive Technology for the Blind and Visually Impaired
Humanware (800) 722-3393 Humanware Website Humanware E-Mail Focused on Enhancing the Lives of People with Visual and Learning Disabilities
Independent Living Aids(ILA), LLC (800) 537-2118 ILA Website See Website Form Oldest Privately-Held, Mail-Order Company in the United States of Products for Individuals who are Visually Impaired or Blind
Intelligent Access Microware (519) 679-4828 Intelligence Microware Website Intelligence Microware E-Mail Specializing in Repairs and Service to Blind Related Assistive Technology
Kentucky Talking Book Library (800) 372-2968 KY Talking Book Library Website KY Talking Book Library E-Mail Provides Free Library Service to People Who Cannot Read Traditional Print Because They Have a Visual, Physical, or Reading Disability
Kentucky Vision Project (502) 875-3516 KY Vision Project Website KY Vision Project E-Mail Giving the Gift of Sight
Kentucky Assistive Technology Loan Corporation (877) 675-0195 KY: Assistive Technology Loan Corp Website See Website Form Low Interest Loans for Qualified Applicants with Disabilities who Need Assistive Technology
Kentucky Lion's Eye Foundation (800) 232-5308 KY Lion's Foundation Website See Website Form Vision Preservation and Awareness
Kentucky Assistive Technology Services (KATS) Network (800) 327-5287 KATS Network Website KATS Network E-Mail the Kentucky Assistive Technology Act Program, Serves Kentucky Residents of All Ages with Disabilities of All Types
KY Office for the Blind (800)321-6668 KY Office for the Blind Website See Website Form "Provide Opportunities for Employment and Independence to Individuals with Visual Disabilities"
Lab Computers, Inc. (502) 447-2458 Lab Computers Website Lab Computers E-Mail Carries Latest Products in Assistive Technology for Those Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired
Maxi-Aids, Inc (800) 522-6294 Maxi-Aids Website See Website Form Products for Independent Living, Blind, Low Vision, Deaf, Physically Challenged
NanoPac, Inc. (800) 580-6086 Nanopac Website Nanopac E-Mail Products for the Disabled - Blind, Low Vision, Legally Blind
National Federation of the Blind (410) 659-9314 National Federation of the Blind Website See Website Form Voice of the Nation's Blind
National Federation of the Blind of Kentucky (502) 366-2317 National Federation of the Blind, Kentucky Affiliate Website NFB of Kentucky E-Mail National Federation of the Blind of Kentucky Affiliate Serving Kentuckians who Have Experienced Vision Loss and Their Families
NFB NEWSLINE-Kentucky (877) 410-4008 NFB Newsline Kentucky Website NFB Kentucky Newsline E-Mail Free Audio Newspaper Service for the Print Impaired
Non Visual Desktop Access(NVDA) +61 7 5667 8372 NVDA Website NVDA E-Mail The Free, Open Source, Alternative Screen Reader
Paths to Technology - Perkins E Learning (617) 972-7720 Paths to Technology Website See Website Form Technology for Everyone!
Perkins Products (617) 972-7308 Perkins Products Website Perkins Products E-Mail Assistive Technology for the Blind
Quiet Indicators for Assistive Technology(QIAT) --- QIAT Website See Website Form Quiet Indicators for Assistive Technology - Guiding the Provvision of Quality At Services
Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America(RESNA) (703) 524-6686 RESNA Website RESNA E-Mail The Premier Professional Organization Dedicated to Promoting the Health and Well-Being of People with Disabilities through Increasing Access to Technology Solutions
Resources for the Blind and Vision Impaired|Laser Eye Surgery Hub N/A Resource List Website N/A When it comes to finding online resources for the blind and vision impaired, there is a range of tools, sources and solutions...
Retirement Living (888) 342-9292 Retirement Living Website Retirement Living Email Retirement Living was established to assist seniors in living out their retirement years...through our website we offer access to an array of senior publications, including books and online resources, information on taxes by state, a directory of state aging agencies, an online newsletter, senior lifestyle issues, shopping for special assistive products and more...
Richard M. Roderick(Rick Roderick) (502) 423-8195 N/A Rick Roderick E-Mail Braille Embossing and Printing
Serotek (866) 202-0520 Serotek Website See Website Form Serotek was Founded in 2001 by a Blind Entrepreneur Who Wanted to Create Products That Were Powerful, Intuitive, Affordable, and Extremely Easy to Use
Tax Tips for the Blind-TurboTax ---- Intuit TurboTax Website See Website Form Anyone whose field of vision falls at or below 20 degrees, who wears corrective glasses but whose vision is 20/200 or less in his best eye, or who has no eyesight at all, meets the legal definition of being blind and is eligible for certain tax deductions.
(800) 323-4238 Hadley Website Hadley E-Mail Promote Independent Living through Lifelong, Distance Education Programs For People Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired
Trace Research and Development Center, University of Wisconcin (608) 262-6966 Trace Website Trace E-Mail Founded in 1971, Trace Has Been a Pioneer in the Field of Technology and Disability
Viewpoints audio show: Eyes on Success --- Eyes on Success Website Eyes on Success E-Mail This half-hour weekly radio program and podcast discusses products, services and daily living tips for people with vision loss
Vision Australia 1300 84 74 66(Australia) Vision Australia Website Vision Australia E-Mail This Section Provides an Overview of the Diversity of This Technology and What it Can Offer People Who Are Blind or Have Low Vision
Web Aim (435) 797-7024 Web Aim Website See Website Form Web Accessibility in Mind

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